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Are you suffering from our modern epidemic: Feeling less than healthy and tired of trying?

Are you suffering from our modern epidemic: Feeling less than healthy and tired of trying?
You may be struggling with your weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, like so many; and feeling frustrated with the “eat low fat” and “count your calories” approach. They flat out don’t work, or only work while you’re “on the diet.”

Or maybe you’re struggling with general inflammation even though you don’t know that it’s inflammation: aching joints, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, acne, eczema, food allergies, environmental allergies…

And to top it all off, there is so much contradictory information out there! Low fat, low carb, gluten free, Paleo, vegan, coconut oil is best, canola oil is best… Which is it?!

Your body is constantly speaking to you. When it’s healthy it will tell you what it needs and when it’s not healthy, all of those “symptoms” are simply messages for you to pay attention. Your body has extraordinary abilities to heal itself, you just need to give it what it needs: medicine in the form of the right foods for healing and awareness of how your thoughts and emotions affect it.

You don’t need to figure it out on your own and it doesn’t need to take years.

There are two main ways in which you can get started on your journey towards better health. You can start by lowering the toxic burden to your body or you can start by tackling the excess inflammation (weight, pain, allergies, cholesterol…)

Which is right for you depends on what your body is telling you. But if you’re like most people, you’re not even listening to the messages!

blue-doorFind out whether your body is experiencing inflammation in different ways… green-doorLearn whether the toxic burden of your environment is starting to take a toll… purple-doorIf you’re a business person looking for wellness services for your company, come in this door…

We welcome you to choose a path to greater health and happiness!

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Morella Devost is an Integrative Nutrition certified Holistic Health Counselor and holds an EdM and MA in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. Find out more about Morella here

I’ve gained increased energy, mental clarity and a more positive attitude. The energy level I have now is a significant increase over what I had just three weeks ago…. I’ve lost 5 lbs. but it feels like 20!