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5 Strategies to Beat the Post-Holiday Sluggishness

Cilantro smoothieI just got back from spending Christmas in Florida and am very much feeling the blah-ness of the “food hangover”. I’ve certainly been enjoying the holiday season and in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was overwhelmed with too many things on top of having my mother visiting, that I didn’t have the bandwidth to take care of myself the way I normally do. It’s OK. I gave myself a pass, knowing that I would quickly get back to my nourishing self-care routines.

I figured that if you’re like me, it’s possible that you too might be coming out of the holiday food extravaganza feeling less than light and fresh. So I thought you might want to check these out and do them for yourself:

1. Start the day with a cup of warm water and the juice of 1/2 lemon

This is a little bath for your liver and a great tonic for your stomach. It will prime things throughout your digestive tract but it will especially help the liver to clear out. You’ve likely heard me say this before, but I can’t overestimate the great health benefits from this very simple practice.

2. Juice some veggies with ginger

I consider my juicer one of the best investments I ever made towards building good health. I started off with a cheap, simple juicer and then a friend gifted me a wonderful Omega juicer a few years ago. I emphasize juicing veggies (fruit juices and sweet veggie juices will affect your blood sugar, so be mindful of that) and in the winter I always add ginger. Juicing will help you replenish enzymes and minerals quickly and help keep digestion at a minimum.  I substitute 1 meal a day with veggie juice for a few days. Make sure to add greens to your juice, especially cilantro and parsley.

3. Focus on eating mostly vegetables and good fat

I focus on veggies. Even if I eat out, I’ll first think of what vegetables I’d like to eat; then I look at the menu. I pair vegetables with healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) and other sources of fat like nuts, avocados and olives.  Focusing on veggies helps you lighten up your meals and make it easy on your digestion.

4. Keep the sugar and starches to a minimum

Starches are the main thing for me to keep an eye on because I don’t have a sweet tooth; so it’s easy for me to lay off the sweets. As a protein type person (you may be a protein type, mixed type or a carbohydrate type) I need to be mindful of not eating too many starches as they weigh me down, make me feel congested and  puffy, and I easily gain weight.  You may not be a protein type like me, but you’re still going to need to mind your sweets because high blood sugar affects everyone negatively. Eliminate sugar (even if just for a few days) and notice how you feel.

5. Do a mini flush of the liver every night

I’ll be taking 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of olive oil every night before bed. This produces a mini flush of your liver as it rushes to secrete enough bile to emulsify and digest the oil you’ve just taken. The bile carries out some of the toxins your liver has removed from the blood.

People who don’t have a gallbladder may experience some nausea from this, so if you want to try it, start by taking a small amount of oil and work your way up.

Now these are just some quick fixes to address the dullness.  If you’re really wanting to clean the slate, then consider joining my January Detox. I don’t always do this, but this time around I’ll actually also be doing the cleanse along with the group because I know it’ll get me starting 2014 on the best path possible.

Here’s the program page if you want to check it out:  January Detox. And if you join by New Year’s Eve, I’ll gift you $70 so you can also do the Laughing River Yoga Detox Series to accompany and deepen your cleanse.


2 Responses to “5 Strategies to Beat the Post-Holiday Sluggishness”

  1. Helen Huyffer says:

    Morella, Thanks for the yoga offer but I’m not interested in that but I will try to use some of your detox info.

    Thanks for passing this information on to me.