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Corporate Wellness

Kim Chapin, HR Manager – Northfield Savings Bank

“You coordinate ideas and campaigns for us so that they flow together really well. You also bring a ton of knowledge to all of the subjects we talk about. You make it extremely easy for us…constantly giving us a ton of great ideas and helping us execute them – you just run with it.”

“…the excitement the employees felt about our walking challenge was HUGE for our company. We touched the community, not just our employees.”

Pamela Longe, HR Manager – DEW Construction

“Putting all of our initiatives on a calendar and spreading them out has kept the group focused. The structure you have set up for us has made it all easier to maintain, helping it to be really successful so we don’t overwhelm people… The communication piece that you fulfill is really helpful.

I have gotten so many comments from spouses and colleagues that they can’t believe how much we offer our people. They may not participate, but they say ‘wow!’…other wellness consultants are not as hands-on… you come to our meetings, [you say] “let me help you do it.” We just couldn’t offer the programs we are doing had we not partnered with you. It has been tremendous for us having you work with us. I can’t lose your guidance and expertise, they’re too important to me.”

Robbie Hallet, HR Manager – Passumpsic Savings Bank

“Without your assistance we’d be at a loss to figure out what to do or how to meet people’s needs. We knew what we wanted to do, but to put a program together we wouldn’t have known where to start, so your assistance has been huge… You help guide us where we need to go.

You really take a hands-on approach. You are willing to come to our meetings, we can conference-call you in, and you are willing to tailor your programs to our needs instead of being generic.”

Gina Catanzarita, HR Director – Engelberth Construction

“You were able to create a desire and an interest in wellness. Our guys are difficult! They don’t easily grasp the concept of wellness. You were able to fuel their fire and get them interested in taking care of themselves and being part of a group, helping each other.

Your uniqueness is that you were able to custom tailor what we offered at each site, which had different dynamics and different needs.”

Individual Whole-Life Health


I am amazed how much energy I have and how clear headed I feel even through the fast. And I am sleeping much better!


I can’t still thank you enough for opening a new door on my journey in life… It is so much fun discovering new ways to cook and new tasty foods! I have a kick in my step that is new for me! Thank you!


Thank you so much for supporting this experience for me. Having your voice in my head while eating over these past 4-weeks has really provided the encouragement & support I needed to re-vitalize my diet.


Before the program, I felt bound to food and insecure in my choices… I felt grasping and unsure how to get where I wanted to be. I (now) feel like my body is alive… and its become far more sensitive. Now that the program has ended… I have let go of worries about my future, because this month has shown me if I begin the process out of a pure and true motivation, and then trust the process, I’ll get there. This allows me to stay in the unknown and enjoy it… I feel transformed, and empowered.


I’ve been on a diet my whole life, but this is the first time I do a nutrition program where I feel relaxed, having fun and enjoying eating new foods. Thank you!


Before starting the detox program, I didn’t have the energy to do the things I enjoy. I used all the energy I did have at my job, and by the time I got home, I just wanted to “relax” and do nothing.

I have had issues with psoriasis since I was a young adult, and within the first two weeks my flare-ups were significantly reduced. At this time, six weeks since the start of my detox program, my skin has not been this healthy in more than five years.

Now that I finished the program I feel WONDERFUL! I am still working on re-integrating different foods back into my diet, but continue to be amazed at how easy it has been to change my eating habits/life-style.


I was having issues with energy and clarity. I didn’t feel like I was able to perform at my peak most days. I felt like my career was suffering.

The first two weeks were actually very easy. I was never hungry or suffering for lack of food. I immediately noticed an improvement in my mental clarity and energy. I originally was worried about the time food prep would take because after work meals were already a struggle – even making foods that we were familiar with. New foods, and fresh produce could only make that worse right? Wrong! The added energy I had made the dinner prep no problem. As a nice side effect, I lost about 15 pounds during the program!


I had spent nearly 60 yrs. eating whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like eating with no consideration for what was going on inside my body. At 58 I had a mild heart attack despite going to the pool/gym 5-6 days a week. I started to have some aches and pains that I attributed to my advancing age. My sleep was often interrupted and lead to a diagnosis of mild sleep apnea requiring the use of a breathing machine through the night.

After just three sessions with Morella I found that some of the minor issues had simply gone away. I was breathing better, sleeping better and learning about a whole new world of nutritional alternatives.

My cravings for sugar, caffeine, baked goods and gluten based foods slipped away without a struggle.

I was energized and healthier than I had felt in many years. Emotionally I felt as though I could finally reclaim my compass which up to that point was feeling just a bit out of reach from being tired, over weight and often in too much pain to allow me to properly focus on the day ahead.

I have discovered an entirely new way of life. Without sounding too corny…the changes have been profound. With the change in my attitude, I have found a number of doors open to me that I would never have realized in the past.


I feel better all around: more energy, less cravings, quicker to bounce back after unhealthy food choices. I have put more energy into my relationships, exercising, and making sure I eat well, as well as being aware of how much sleep I am getting.

I feel my life has more abundance. I have let go of some past relationships that weren’t serving me and have been able to nurture ones that do.

Morella is knowledgeable, intuitive, caring, inquisitive, insightful, loving, patient yet assertive, and resourceful.


I have felt extraordinarily well. You have reset my metabolism so now food nourishes me without causing any digestive upset. And the rash I have had on my arms since childhood – that no pediatrician, dermatologist or primary care physician was able to cure – has significantly reduced with your help!!!


I have lost 27 lbs so far. I can’t thank you enough!


I was just sharing with my husband all the areas of growth that I have experienced in the past 7 months. It has been an incredible journey for me. I have tackled so many things and feel that I have emerged a stronger healthier woman.

I have gained a renewed love of good healthy foods. I am eating now to fuel my body and not for the purpose of numbing myself. I am learning to love my body for where it is in the journey.

You have helped me deal with the past issues of old personal hurts and with your encouragement to share with my husband have come out with a renewed closeness to him. I am finally free from the rodent’s wheel. Free at last!!

Thank you so much Morella. It was the divine plan that we should meet all those months ago. I shall forever consider you a spiritual friend and mentor.


I felt just so proud of myself, and only did it because of your guidance and confidence boosting. You were so right!

I’m trying to remember where I started and I don’t really recall, it all seems so long ago, and dreary, and dehydrated, and tensed; I had a lot more crying than smiling, and practically killing myself with food. Like I was sitting in a catch 22, in a dank, dark basement; and now I feel brighter and calm. And I am in a mahogany banquet room with glowing fireplaces and candles and reflective chandeliers and mirrors and elaborate tapestries and a feast spread along the table, but I’m not even thinking about the food, I just want to dance!

You are amazing. I feel so blessed to get to talk to you. It’s really like I’ve now got this glowing lantern on my path of life!

I felt “freed” this morning after talking with you. Free to listen to my body


You’ll be pleased to hear that I have consistently kept up my great eating habits, since our cleanse. I am feeling great, and have lost 15 pounds overall. Haven’t felt (or looked) this good in about 10-15 years. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance during the process. You have had a meaningful impact on my life….and I have been able to share much of my learning, to other loved ones.


Can I just tell you how fun it is to try on pants from the winter that now fit me a little loosely? Thank You! :0)


My skin is softer and I have a glow in my eyes and skin. I feel light inside… my sleep has improved and I feel much more serene… it’s like my mood has changed for the better. I used to live in constant anxiety, stress and guilt.


I thought you would like to know that I had a message from my primary physician about my blood work results. She said: “whatever it is that you are doing with that nutritionist you should keep on doing.” To give you an idea of what showed up, I had a non-fasting glucose level of 61. The last fasting glucose level I had was 123 in late September (10 months ago). Normal fasting range is 65-99 mg/dL So GREAT JOB!!!!


Working with you is completely transforming my life… and my family’s life!


I have learned soooo much about healthy eating that I had no clue about before. I always thought I was pretty healthy, but there was so much for me to learn.


Morella helped me treat my depression naturally while doctors said that I needed to take antidepressants. I am also learning to cleanse my body of toxins and my allergies have improved.


I’ve gained increased energy, mental clarity and a more positive attitude. The energy level I have now is a significant increase over what I had just three weeks ago…. I’ve lost 5 lbs. but it feels like 20!


You are wonderful, smart, compassionate. I like the combination of your knowledge of nutrition with the behavioral aspect of your counseling. A million people would benefit from your service!


This experience has completely changed my life!