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Some of my favorite products

It occurred to me over the past few weeks that I should share with you what are some of the products that I frequently recommend to my clients. Over and over, I find myself telling my clients about these product and I figured you might be interested in trying them too.  Today I’m sharing the products of Organic India. I’ve recommended one of their products for use in helping with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, loose bowels, high cholesterol, and…
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Detox Tool #3

English Somehow, ancient Chinese Medicine figured out that green is the color of the liver, meaning that eating green foods strengthens liver function. Green foods were also known to be blood builders and blood purifiers, and that this was certainly connected with enhanced liver function. What gives green foods their color is chlorophyll, so we know that chlorophyll is an essential player in health. Through chemistry and biology we now know that the chlorophyll molecule is nearly identical to the blood hemoglobin…
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Detox Tool #2

English Version This is the second fundamental step to get your body detoxifying properly. Step 2 is all about supporting your colon for proper elimination so that all toxins that are emptied into your intestines can be swiftly removed instead of being reabsorbed. Many of the common ailments that people have nowadays are actually linked to poor bowel function. Conditions like allergies (environmental and food), skin issues (acne, psoriasis, eczema), chronic infections, yeast issues, joint pain, susceptibility to colds and…
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