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What I Learned at the Longevity Now Conference

A week ago, I attended the Longevity Now Conference in Anaheim, California. It was a packed 3 days from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, full of inspiration and information. Some of it was new for me, some of it was a refresher, but all of it renewed my passion for helping you create thriving health naturally. My top 10 personal take-aways from the conference: Recommit to a zero-sugar, low sweet carbohydrate lifestyle. Almost every speaker talked about the importance of managing blood…
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10 kilometers. 51 obstacles

For the fun of it? That is the distance and the number of obstacles 12 friends and I tackled yesterday at the Shale Hill Obstacle Course in southern Vermont.  It took us 4 hours, a lot of struggle, many laughs and quite a few bruises. I have raw skin on my hands from torn-off blisters from climbing ropes and walls; scrapped arms from crawling in the mud under barbed wire; a rope-burned back right thigh; and bruises all over. At…
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21 Days of Green: #8 Green Electrolyte Drink

In honor of the Burlington City marathon race this coming Sunday May 25th, I want to share a new version of my electrolyte replenishment lemonade which I’ve shared before. I decided to make it green in keeping with the 21 Days of Green theme.  🙂 Ingredients 1 green apple 1 lemon 2 tbsp honey/maple syrup 10 oz water 1 kale leaf or 1 scoop wheatgrass powder Directions Pour 2-3 oz of water in the bottom of your blender. Wash and…
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Electrolyte Lemonade

Do you buy sports drinks to refuel after your long runs or heavy workouts? Maybe you’ve used them while you’ve been sick with a stomach bug, or to combat a hangover. The main reason for drinking a sports drink is for the “electrolytes” they contain, which support quicker hydration and re-balancing essential mineral salts that you may have lost through profuse sweating, or through repeated vomiting or diarrhea. Today I’m sharing with you my home recipe to replace sports drinks. But…
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Put Your Body Where Your Mouth Is

Are you constantly talking about getting in better shape? Or that you need to eat better? Perhaps you’ve been talking about doing a cleanse, or starting a new workout, or hiking more, or getting back to yoga… You know what I mean; we often get in a pattern of talking about what we’re going to do to be healthier but never actually doing it. Last night, I had dinner with a dear friend. She was mentioning her weight and how…
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Could this be you?

Wendy’s Story I want to tell you a story of what’s possible. Before I met Wendy, she used to be like many women feeling that no matter what she did, her body pretty much stayed the same. Wendy is 60 years old. Many doctors and ‘common wisdom’ tell women her age that after menopause, their fate is to gain weight and there’s little they can do about it. In addition, Wendy had high cholesterol and was dealing with chronic pain….
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