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Corporate Wellness

You get it.  Wellness programs can help your company in several ways:

  • They build employee engagement as you genuinely support their needs
  • They help you build a stronger culture
  • And maybe, they might help you control health care costs.

Over the past 10 years we have seen an evolution in wellness programs and the ones that work the best are the ones that are: genuine, empowering and actionable. You need to genuinely care about your employees. You need to help them realize that they actually DO have the power to get healthier. And you need to give them programs that are actionable.

Since 2006, we have facilitated wellness programs that genuinely address people’s fears, limitations and stuckness. We also strive to offer tools that are actionable so that people start to see the small victories they can claim every day.

All of our programs are holistically minded, and that means…

  • We believe in the body’s ability to heal. We teach people how to re-ignite their body’s power to heal itself. We don’t offer general “wellness” or general “nutrition” workshops. We teach people how to truly lower their cholesterol, reduce inflammation (i.e. improve arthritis pain), manage blood sugar, heal their digestion (i.e. acid reflux or IBS), etc.
  • We understand how food is medicine. Food is a lot more than just energy. Food is the chemistry of nature. The right chemistry of nature will have a healing effect when applied correctly. We know which foods are essential to healing each of the conditions mentioned above.
  • We do not believe diets. We don’t count calories or grams of fat. Counting calories rarely (if ever) leads  to creating increasing lifelong health and vitality. Instead, we teach people how to discover that their body always speaks to them of their own unique needs to heal and thrive. No single diet is right for everyone.  Some people need to be vegetarian, others need to be Paleo.
  • We understand that habits are hard to change. We teach people how to work with their strengths and understand how their emotions and limiting beliefs keep them repeating old habits.

These are Our Programs.