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Holistic Nutrition & Physical Health

1-hour classes:

  • Top 10 Cancer Prevention Strategies: A healthy body effectively neutralizes and eliminates cells that are becoming damaged and precancerous. You can boost your body’s cancer prevention functions.
  • Natural Weight Loss:  Stop counting calories and instead learn how your body burns fat so you can stop dieting.
  • 10 Keys to Managing Your Cholesterol Naturally:  This is very easy to accomplish without the use of medication. And eating low fat is NOT the answer.
  • Fats that Heal & Fats that Kill:  Canola or coconut?  Butter or margarine? The majority of people have it wrong!
  • Top 10 Strategies to Overcome Sugar and Carb Addiction: A sweet tooth can come in many shapes but it invariably has an addictive quality and has negative health effects. You can change that.
  • Reversing Diabetes Naturally: Type II Diabetes is a reversible syndrome. You can avoid this deadly disease and reverse course no matter where you are.
  • Heal Your Digestion Naturally: How to boost digestion naturally and avoid acid blockers and other drugs
  • Healing IBS Naturally: Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a growing condition that can be easily reversed.
  • Detox 101:  Detoxification is not a fad given the high levels of contamination in our environment. Learn how to support your body’s detoxification abilities.
  • The Toxins in Our World & How to Remove Them: How to gradually clean up the environment around you from all of the toxic chemicals in it right now.

Group Coaching Programs:

  • Health for Life:  10-week program targeting weight loss, high cholesterol and pre/diabetes.  In other words, the overall metabolic syndrome difficulties that most people are challenged by. In the 10-weeks that this program lasts, participants discover the unique ways in which their bodies operate, how they effectively can start burning fat, lowering their cholesterol and managing their blood sugar.  The result over 10 weeks of learning, coaching and taking daily action is that they come out of the program with a deep understanding of what exactly their body uniquely needs so they never have to diet again or follow bad nutrition advice. Participants in this program lose weight, lower their cholesterol, reverse their blood sugar issues and in many, many cases are able to get off their medications with their doctor’s support.
  • Four Week Detox:  the increasingly toxic environment we live in is resulting in a myriad health issues – allergies, digestive issues, pain, aches, skin conditions, etc.  A four-week, nutritional cleanse helps the body reset itself and unload toxins that have been afflicting it.