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The 11 Keys to Creating a Culture of Wellness

The 11 keys are the dimensions that shape your company culture around wellness.  You already have a company culture, and it’s either emerging by default or you are proactively shaping it.

The first five keys relate to your organization:

  1. Leadership:

    Leaders shape culture faster than anything else.  Your leaders need to be the champions highlighting the importance of wellness to the organization. You also need leaders throughout all levels:  a wellness team or committee, line managers, peer leaders, etc.

  2. Policies:

    Policies help you walk your talk.  They help you create a work environment that is consistent with the goals you are trying to reach.  For example, if you advocate healthy eating you will want to be mindful of the foods you provide at business meetings and company events.

  3. Tools:

    Tools are the tangible elements you use in your programs:  newsletters, gym equipment, borrowing library, online portals, pedometers, recipes, etc.  Tools are essential but handing people tools alone does not create a wellness program or foster behavior change.

  4. Programs:

    Programs are the effective combination of activities + tools + support that engage people in taking action and ultimately changing behaviors.

  5. Support & engagement:

    Support takes many shapes.  It ranges from cash incentives and prize drawings, to engagement of family members, social competitions, visible recognition, etc. Any and all activities that create a buzz around your wellness activities are considered support; this is what gets people to initially get excited and ultimately to stay engaged.  How you help people engage is what in many cases can make or break a wellness activity.

The next six keys relate to each individual’s personal wellbeing:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Preventive Care
  5. Financial Health
  6. Mindset and Behavior Change