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October: Ebola & Breast Cancer

Scared 2

It’s the end of October and from a health perspective we can safely say that this month has been about breast cancer “awareness” and Ebola. And I am sad to report that I am not happy with the way either of them are addressed in the media.  Actually, I am not happy about the main message that seems to be central to each of these stories. When it comes to what you hear about Ebola and Breast Cancer “Awareness” in…
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10 kilometers. 51 obstacles


For the fun of it? That is the distance and the number of obstacles 12 friends and I tackled yesterday at the Shale Hill Obstacle Course in southern Vermont.  It took us 4 hours, a lot of struggle, many laughs and quite a few bruises. I have raw skin on my hands from torn-off blisters from climbing ropes and walls; scrapped arms from crawling in the mud under barbed wire; a rope-burned back right thigh; and bruises all over. At…
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What We Can Learn About Health from Horses


Last weekend I attended a retreat that was held at a horse ranch in Stowe, VT. The location was gorgeous, the program I participated in was truly transformative and all of the support people were stellar. However, it was the horses that captured my heart above anyone else, and they offered some interesting points of reflection when it comes to looking at our health habits. On Saturday morning as I sat on the deck, fifteen feet away from the horses…
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Coffee good or bad?


Lately I’ve been loving my coffee. I’m on a kick of drinking a cup every morning, which is not usual for me; so I’m paying attention. I also often preach moderation with coffee so I’m curious as to what this new ‘habit’ might be about. Depending on who you ask or what you read, you may hear that caffeine is terrible for your health or you may hear that it has great health-promoting effects. To illustrate the intensity of the debate…
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Mediterranean tuna lettuce wraps

Tuna boats comp

I love tuna! But unfortunately it’s not a safe food to eat on a regular basis. Like all of the larger popular fish we consume (like swordfish, cod, salmon, etc.) it has a long lifespan during which it accumulates high amounts of the heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.) that now pollute our oceans. As a result, its meat is more toxic than smaller fish like sardines and anchovies. However, one in a while, I indulge in a little tuna and…
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21 Days of Greens: #22 Sweet & spicy salad

Radicchio salad - compressed

Bonus recipe!  I made this for lunch on Monday at it was delicious! The sweetness comes form the lettuce, endives and raisins, and the spiciness comes from the radicchio and watercress.  It’s a great combination. Ingredients Amount for about 4 servings / amount for a single serving: 1 bunch watercress  /  6-8 sprigs; leaves and small stalks only 1 small head radicchio  /  1/4 small radicchio 8-10 leaves lettuce  /  2-3 leaves 1-2 heads Belgian endive  /  1 endive 1/4…
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21 Days of Greens: #21 Venezuelan eggs with chard

Perico con acelga - compressd

This is what I had for brunch on Sunday. Perico! That’s what we call scrambled eggs with tomato, onion and sometimes green peppers. Perico means parakeet or also parrot in Venezuela. The yellow, red and green color in these eggs make them look like a parrot or parakeet! In this version I added some chard to make them especially green and they were delicious. Then I served them with a little bit of a red pepper relish I had made a…
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21 Days of Greens: #20 Green apple salad

Apple watercress salad - compressed

We’re near the end! Today is Friday and it’s day 20. I will be super busy today and so my only shot to do today’s green recipe is to have salad for breakfast!  I could have made another smoothie but I wanted to offer a variety of salads and I’ve done few of those on this series. This is easy and quite tasty. Ingredients I’m listing the amount for 4 servings and then 1 serving. I made a single serving…
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21 Days of Greens: #19 Cilantro Chutney!

Cilantro chutney mine compress

I adore everything that’s Indian and Indian food possibly tops my list of favorite cuisine… in a close race with Ethiopian food. Chutneys are a big part of Indian food and though this recipe isn’t necessarily Indian, it’s a very easy tasty chutney to make. How do you eat chutney? Think of it as a dressing for ANYTHING! You can do a dollop of chutney on your fish or chicken breasts. You can dress a simple dish of vegetables with…
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21 Days of Greens: #18 Cold cucumber-mint soup

Cuke mint soup

As the warmer weather surrounds us and your garden begins to yield lots of watery cucumbers and lively mint, this soup will be a lovely addition to a hot summer dinner. Ingredients 4 cucumbers, peeled and seeded 1 small or 1/2 large clove garlic 1 cup (8 oz) plain yogurt 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, plus more to taste 1/4 cup water 4 scallions, white and green parts, cut into 1-inch pieces ½ tsp dry mustard 3/4 cup fresh mint…
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