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You Are Not a Cow!


So stop grazing!! A friend who is participating in my current Health for Life program recently shared with the group that one simple suggestion that I sent him via email a couple of years ago made all the difference he needed in order to lose weight. That one suggestion that took him from being stuck at his weight to losing weight was simple and it was this: stop grazing and only eat 3 meals a day… if that. This same…
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Practicing Emotional Hygiene


Last week I wrote about the possibility of our emotions having an impact on our physical health. I shared how Chinese Medicine draws direct correlations between organs that seem to be affected by difficult emotions, especially when these emotions are repressed. I believe where emotions are stored or processed in any given person is a highly individual experience. (Like my client with Crohn’s disease, stress and grief being held in his colon.) And last week I offered a few prompting…
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Where do emotions go?


Imagine for a second that you’re feeling really, REALLY angry. What is happening in your body at that moment? Obviously, this anger is an event that is taking place inside your body; but where and what exactly is it? Obviously, there is no anger “organ” but you have a clear sensation in your body that you recognize as distinctly different from sadness or joy, or worry, or anxiety, or excitement. You know all of these different emotional states, and you…
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The top 12 chemicals you need to avoid


… and they’re in your everyday life! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I frequently talk about detoxification. My Four-Week Detox program is a core of the work that I do because it was a fundamental part of my own healing journey; and being on my 8th year of facilitating detox programs, I see how fundamental it can be for everyone’s healing. A question I often get is this: “is a detox really necessary?…
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Early Spring Juice


As soon as my mindset starts to turn towards spring, I start to think “detoxification.” In both Chinese Medicine and Ayuveda (which are perhaps the most ancient healing systems) Spring is the season for focusing on the liver which means it’s the season for detoxification. On that note, and inspired by a class on super foods that I taught yesterday, I made my first “spring” juice of the year. Why is it a spring juice? I consider it a spring…
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An App to Identify GMOs


I present to you my new favorite app: True Food.  It was developed by the Center for Food Safety.  What exactly does this app do?  I’ll tell you: it provides all of the answers you may want about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and it provides wonderful practical tools to help you steer clear from them in your food shopping. Why should you care? For starters, GMOs have never been proven to be safe for human consumption because there are NO long…
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Simple yet Delicious; Convenient yet Healthy


In food preparation we often equate simple with bland, and convenient with unhealthy. Today I want to share with you my meal for the week that is both simple and delicious, AND convenient and healthy. Let’s start with simple: very few ingredients. However, the outcome tastes like it came from an Indian restaurant. Convenient: I’m using a ready-made sauce as one key ingredient. You might say, “wait a minute! You always advocate cooking from scratch and avoiding processed foods. How…
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My Favorite Delicata Squash Recipe


This is an old recipe that I got from my nutrition school the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and it’s a regular favorite of mine. It’s beyond easy and it’s always such a hit with clients and friends. It has 3 simple ingredients and it tastes like heaven! Ingredients 2 delicata squashes (about 7 inches long) 3 tbsp tahini (sesame seed butter/paste) 1 tbsp tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) A splash of water – just enough to get a creamy consistency Cayenne…
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Kale, Potato, Mushroom Soup

Kale potato soup

I made this last week and am floored by how delicious it is.  It’s SO simple too!  I found it in the Greens cookbook and I added mushrooms to it. Ingredients 1 bunch kale 3 tbsp olive oil  – I used coconut oil, which is better for cooking 1 medium onion, diced 6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced 1 small dried red chili, seeded and chopped, or 1/2 tsp chili flakes 1 bay leaf 1 tsp salt 4 medium red…
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Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Weight joke

I’m sure many of you set new year’s resolutions to “get healthier”, “drop a few pounds”, “exercise more”… etc. and I’m wondering how that’s going? Over the years I’ve worked with so many people who have reached a real point of frustration with their weight, feeling that no matter what they did, it always remained the same; or worse, it would continue to go up. It’s incredibly when on top of the perplexing nature of your body, every diet seems…
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