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Digestive Assessment

What is your digestion saying?

Do you know what digestion problems you may have? This quiz will walk you through a series of questions that will help you gain greater awareness about what parts of your digestive tract may be speaking to you about needing support.  This quiz does not constitute a diagnosis nor does it in any way provide any medical advice.  It is simply a tool to help you learn more about your digestion.

We’d be delighted to speak with you after you’ve completed it.  You will need to provide your name and email to receive your results.  We will never share your information with anyone.

What is your digestion saying?


Each of the following medications can have a negative effect on digestion and absorption of nutrients.  If you take any of these, you'll want to be mindful of supporting your digestion.

Check all that apply.

Do you consume any of these?  Check all that apply.

For each of the next few questions, each of these "symptoms" can show up with varying degrees of frequency or severity. In order to keep this quiz as simple as possible, if any of these "symptoms" shows up for you (even if they're mild or only occasional), still mark them as a yes.  Optimal digestion should not have any of these symptoms.

1. Indicators of hypo acidity of the stomach:

2. Indicators of hypo function of small intestine and/or pancreas:

3. Indicators of ulcers and/or hyperacidity of the stomach:

4. Indicators of colon/large intestine weakness:

5. Indicators of liver/gallbladder congestion:

6. Indicators of intestinal permeability (also known as leaky gut syndrome or dysbiosis): 

7. Indicators of gastric reflux:

Source:  Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D, CCN; Digestive Wellness.  How to strengthen the immune system and prevent disease through healthy digestion.