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Toxicity Quiz

The sad reality is that our environment (in our home, food and everywhere else) is flooded with known toxic chemicals that can have a very real negative effect on your health.

This Quiz will help you understand the many signs of toxic overload. It will also help you learn about the environmental factors that increase your toxic exposure.

Let’s get started! Simply by doing the quiz, you’ll learn a lot about toxicity.  The quiz contains 34 questions.

  • Questions 1-13 are about the signs of elevated toxicity in your body.
  • Questions 14-21 are about foods that can increase your toxic exposure or burden your liver.
  • Questions 22-34 are about your exposure to chemicals inside and outside your home.

Results: At the end of the survey you’ll receive your scores via email and I will send you my 8 basic steps to get you started if you need to.