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Toxicity Quiz Results 17-34

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For 8 days I will send you one daily email with essential information on detoxification. You will learn about the top 10 toxic chemicals inside your body and how to remove them from your environment, you’ll learn about my 5 basic detox starters and you’ll have the option to get my 1-hour tele class on the Toxins in Your World.

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Now let’s talk about your score…

You scored between 17 and 34. You are in the highest toxicity group.  You have many physical signs, lifestyle habits and toxicity exposure that will increasingly compromise your health. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have many frequent aches, pains and chronic health hiccups. If you want to look at your answers again and see your total score, you should have just received them in an email.

What it means:

It’s important that you take action now. Your health can improve and you can avoid some really serious conditions.

You are the type of person that I most want to help because you might be already experiencing some challenges (like I did) and I PROMISE YOU that they can get better.  They can also get worse if you don’t do anything to reduce your toxic exposure and if you don’t help your body detoxify.

Please take action.

What you can do:

It’s important that you get support.  First of all, I encourage you to register for the 8-day email series above. I call it Your Path to Detox. It will give you some simple tools to get your started and learning more about toxicity and detoxification.

But most importantly, I encourage you to consider doing a gentle but powerful detox program like my Clean Start Detox.  I guide you every step of the way and I promise that it can transform your health.

Please contact me if you have any questions.