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Your MOST powerful tool

Have you ever found that you might be constantly trying to “fix yourself”? I definitely used to! For most of my life, I had an attitude of fixing myself. I’ve known this for some time, and I’ve observed that my internal attitude towards most things is to try to make them better. I am constantly looking at what I need to improve. On any given day, I might be looking at what needs to improve in my health, my weight, my fitness,…
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The Fight With Your Body

Are you in an internal battle with your body?  You know, the kind of battle where you feel your body is not cooperating with you and not doing what you want it to do? When I was young I HATED my feet. I now love my feet but I’ll tell you about that later. MANY of us have an adversarial relationship with our bodies at one point or another. Whether it is because of our weight, skin appearance, aging, pain, stiffness, injuries…
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Family Meal Time

Guest Post – By Sara Bunnell, mother and banker We are a family of four; two fairly normal grown-ups and two funny, wild, bouncing, screeching, sweet and lovable little people. My husband and I both work full time along with all of our other extracurricular activities (Fire Dept, PTF, Sugaring, plays, art, sports, etc…) we stay fairly busy.  I try to insist on FAMILY MEALS together!  Some days it happens, some days it is 2 or 3 of us. I…
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Why The Heart Longs for Food & Indulgence

Why is it so difficult to stay with a healthy routine when people around you are eating and drinking everything that is SO delicious, but not that good for you? Are you asking yourself this question? I am. I experienced this over the past month with my mother visiting from Venezuela for the holidays. Over the course of her stay, we were first indulging because she had just arrived and we were celebrating. Then we were indulging because it was…
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The 2 Most Important Things While Eating

This morning I heard on NPR an interview with Michael Pollan, the author of such books as The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and his newest release, Food Rules. He is an investigative journalist and has done incredible work unveiling some of the economic dynamics behind the food industry that are great for business but not so great for health. In his interview, Mr. Pollan talked about how we have fundamentally forgotten how to eat and that what most…
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