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Practicing Emotional Hygiene

Last week I wrote about the possibility of our emotions having an impact on our physical health. I shared how Chinese Medicine draws direct correlations between organs that seem to be affected by difficult emotions, especially when these emotions are repressed. I believe where emotions are stored or processed in any given person is a highly individual experience. (Like my client with Crohn’s disease, stress and grief being held in his colon.) And last week I offered a few prompting…
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Family Meal Time

Guest Post – By Sara Bunnell, mother and banker We are a family of four; two fairly normal grown-ups and two funny, wild, bouncing, screeching, sweet and lovable little people. My husband and I both work full time along with all of our other extracurricular activities (Fire Dept, PTF, Sugaring, plays, art, sports, etc…) we stay fairly busy.  I try to insist on FAMILY MEALS together!  Some days it happens, some days it is 2 or 3 of us. I…
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Another Year, Another Mulligan

The other night, I caught the tail end of the movie “Tin Cup” with Kevin Costner and Renee Russo. It’s an old enough movie that I don’t think I’m spoiling it for anyone by telling you that he takes a mulligan at the end of the movie on the 18th hole of the U.S. Open. In fact, he takes a mulligan 11 times and gets a hole in one with the 12th ball. The first 11 balls ended up in…
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