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Ghee! What?!

It’s ghee! Have you never heard of it?  It’s the ancient healing fat of India and today I’m teaching you how to make it. The benefits of ghee are well known in Ayurveda as ghee is used as a healing salve in wide variety of ways: as an eye wash for pink eye, etc; as an ear lubricant in the winter to prevent ear infections; as a detoxifying oil in spa treatments; and obviously as an essential part of a…
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Some of my favorite products

It occurred to me over the past few weeks that I should share with you what are some of the products that I frequently recommend to my clients. Over and over, I find myself telling my clients about these product and I figured you might be interested in trying them too.  Today I’m sharing the products of Organic India. I’ve recommended one of their products for use in helping with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, loose bowels, high cholesterol, and…
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Heat, Lifestyle & Inflammation

Today I want to share with you what heat and lifestyle have to do with inflammation. I was inspired by a TV show I did this weekend (I haven’t shared this with you yet, but I’ve been the host of a show called Holistically Speaking on Vermont Community Access Media – I’ll share that with you soon…) On the show, we were talking about cancer and the Chinese Medicine approach to cancer.  My guest, Acupuncturist Brendan Kelly, shared with me…
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What cholesterol, acne, arthritis, IBS, headaches and allergies have in common

Do you know what it is? In this video I share with you what they all share in common and I share my #1 essential to help all of these conditions.  I personally used to suffer from severe acne and allergies, and this is a basic staple in my diet and my supplement regimen.  I’ve shared this with you before but it occurred to me that it would be helpful to connect the dots on all of these seemingly very…
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