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Articles tagged Lymphatic Drainage

Loving My Imperfections

As you may have noticed, I’ve lately been on a theme of reflecting about my attitudes about my body. I know I am not alone in having a love-hate relationship with my body; so given that I am in a helper/healer role, I aspire that some of my insights and experience will be helpful to you as well. This week I had an opportunity to step into deeper acceptance and even embracing of some of the imperfections of my body. I had…
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How to brush your skin for lymph drainage

I recently shared with you why it’s so important to help our body’s lymphatic drainage. It supports healthy immune function, detoxification and cancer prevention; not to mention that it’s an incredible practice for boosting skin suppleness and glow. This is my last blog post of 2013 and I want you to start 2014 on a healthy note. If you’re ready for a powerful start to the new year, check out the Winter Detox starting on January 10th. Everyone in the…
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Lymph Drainage for Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Maintaining proper lymph flow is essential for good health, strong immunity, detoxification and cancer prevention. However, despite its importance, we know very little about our lymphatic system and how to support it.  I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. What is Lymph? Let’s start with blood which is ultimately where lymph comes from.  Your blood capillaries reach cells but they don’t directly connect with them.  Instead, the blood capillaries allow blood plasma (which is a clear liquid where…
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