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Loving My Imperfections

As you may have noticed, I’ve lately been on a theme of reflecting about my attitudes about my body. I know I am not alone in having a love-hate relationship with my body; so given that I am in a helper/healer role, I aspire that some of my insights and experience will be helpful to you as well. This week I had an opportunity to step into deeper acceptance and even embracing of some of the imperfections of my body. I had…
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The Fight With Your Body

Are you in an internal battle with your body?  You know, the kind of battle where you feel your body is not cooperating with you and not doing what you want it to do? When I was young I HATED my feet. I now love my feet but I’ll tell you about that later. MANY of us have an adversarial relationship with our bodies at one point or another. Whether it is because of our weight, skin appearance, aging, pain, stiffness, injuries…
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The Emotional Gripping Behind Pain

I know my mom will not mind me telling your this story. It was new year’s day, 2010.  My mother and I were sitting at the breakfast table in her home in Venezuela. She was restless, struggling with an incredibly itchy rash on her face and neck. As I ate my breakfast and read the newspaper, I was suddenly startled by an anguished, desperate squeal she let out. “Aaaaaaaarghhhh!!!!”  … I can’t really capture the degree of frustration, despair and exasperation in her…
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