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Making skin care products on live television!

I was invited to do a segment on the local morning news show yesterday. We talked about winter skin issues and how to create a few simple home-made skin-care products. WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports- You can also watch it on the WCAX website here: Recipes: Skin brushing: Follow your dry skin brushing by applying an oil to your skin.  Use an edible oil like coconut, almond, olive or avocado. Immediately afterward, shower but do not remove…
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Ghee! What?!

It’s ghee! Have you never heard of it?  It’s the ancient healing fat of India and today I’m teaching you how to make it. The benefits of ghee are well known in Ayurveda as ghee is used as a healing salve in wide variety of ways: as an eye wash for pink eye, etc; as an ear lubricant in the winter to prevent ear infections; as a detoxifying oil in spa treatments; and obviously as an essential part of a…
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How to brush your skin for lymph drainage

I recently shared with you why it’s so important to help our body’s lymphatic drainage. It supports healthy immune function, detoxification and cancer prevention; not to mention that it’s an incredible practice for boosting skin suppleness and glow. This is my last blog post of 2013 and I want you to start 2014 on a healthy note. If you’re ready for a powerful start to the new year, check out the Winter Detox starting on January 10th. Everyone in the…
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Lymph Drainage for Immunity and Cancer Prevention

Maintaining proper lymph flow is essential for good health, strong immunity, detoxification and cancer prevention. However, despite its importance, we know very little about our lymphatic system and how to support it.  I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. What is Lymph? Let’s start with blood which is ultimately where lymph comes from.  Your blood capillaries reach cells but they don’t directly connect with them.  Instead, the blood capillaries allow blood plasma (which is a clear liquid where…
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What cholesterol, acne, arthritis, IBS, headaches and allergies have in common

Do you know what it is? In this video I share with you what they all share in common and I share my #1 essential to help all of these conditions.  I personally used to suffer from severe acne and allergies, and this is a basic staple in my diet and my supplement regimen.  I’ve shared this with you before but it occurred to me that it would be helpful to connect the dots on all of these seemingly very…
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Food for Your Skin

Since I began learning about toxic chemicals in personal care products a few years ago, I have become a little maniacal about reading the labels of every personal care item I buy. This includes: shampoo and conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, all of my makeup (especially lip gloss and lipstick), facial cleansers and obviously lotions and moisturizers. I even got rid of all my fancy designer perfumes and switched to a natural essential oil blend that has become my signature scent for…
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