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The Life Balance Wheel

This graphic helps you take a step back and look at the different dimensions of your lives and assess how fulfilled we feel in each. Invariably, there will always be some areas where things flow smoothly, and other areas that you find challenging.

When you take the time to see which areas of your life give you strength and which areas might be depleting you, it can become easier to identify a few simple steps that you can take in the next couple of days to improve one area.

What tends to happen is that when things start to improve in one dimension it usually has a ripple effect and your satisfaction in other areas begins to improve as well.

Which of these areas might be lowest for you right now?

Instructions for using the Life Balance Wheel:

The Life Balance Wheel contains ten major life areas. Consider each and place a dot on the line to indicate how satisfied you are in this area of your life. A dot placed in the middle of the wheel toward the center would indicate that you are very dissatisfied. A dot placed on the outer edge of the circle would indicate that you experience great fulfillment. When you have completed all ten sections, connect the dots. This will give you a visual representation of how balanced your life is.

Now, looking at the results, what is one thing you can do over the next few days that might set you in motion towards making things a better? The action can be as simple as calling a friend, doing some online research for classes/coaches/gyms/massage/etc., organizing one room (or one drawer), etc.

What action can you take today?