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Clean Start Detox

Stop wasting money and spinning in circles! this whole-body gradual detoxification transformed my life and it can do the same for you!

What you most want is NOT a cleanse!

What you most want is to feel the joy and peace you feel when you’re doing something you really love; like me watching a sunset or dancing in my living room. You want the wellbeing and easy energy to fully soak up all of the precious moments in life: playing with your kids, hiking a mountain, dating someone special, a beautiful day at the beach, enjoying delicious foods…

FunWhen you thrive in health, you get to do what you love.

But when your body is struggling, you have a big block to your wellbeing, whether you realize it or not.

What is the block to your full, juicy, radiant life?

Is it allergies? Constipation? Digestive issues? Pain? Weight problems? Skin problems, like me? Depression? Anxiety? Infertility? Food sensitivities? Never-ending tiredness? Poor sleep?

This is how some of the people who’ve done my detox program describe where they were before they started:

  • Erin couldn’t quite find the energy to do the things she most enjoyed; by the end of most workdays, she was so depleted she just felt like doing nothing.
  • Cindy was stressed about eating properly because her clothes weren’t fitting anymore. Despite her greatest efforts to “eat healthy” she would catch herself consuming more sugar, alcohol, coffee and junk than she wanted to.
  • For David, “eating right” always seemed to get pushed-off to another day. He was frustrated with himself because he could see that his sugar habit was out of control.
  • Justin was endlessly tired, not able to get himself going without his morning coffee…
  • Bruce was very worried about the pain in his knees; he knew he needed to lose weight, but couldn’t seem to get started.

Promise 2All of these people wanted to do a better job with their health and had tried many things, different programs and diets. They had been spinning in circles for a while before doing my program.

We all want to stop spinning in circles and know that we’re on a solid path towards wellbeing.

That is my promise to you: a solid path to discovering your own formula for vibrant health and having that juicy, rich life you want to enjoy every day.

Test 2

BlahDoing it on your own is FAR too confusing!

There is FAR too much information out there that simply confuses you. There are too many detoxes and cleanses that offer miracle fixes, like the foot soak!! Ha ha! Or the detox kit that will do all the work for you… Or the pre-bottled juices you can order online… so you get the juices for a week, and then what? How do you know what your body needs after that?

And then there are all those diets out there! Paleo, vegan, macrobiotic, The Zone… Weight Watchers… Which one is right?

CheckYou can stop wondering what works for you.


You can stop floating in the weird space where your doctor says everything is “normal”

…but you just don’t feel well or look good. You certainly don’t feel that you’re as vibrantly healthy as you’d like to be. Your doctor says, “come back in six months…” What does that mean? Is that so you can come back when you’re sicker and THEN he/she will have a pill for you?


You can stop waiting for someone to fix you.


You can stop testing this and that diet or cleanse to see what works.


You can stop spinning in circles.

Test 3

Here’s why this program is so much more than a cleanse…

Let me tell you how my program works so you can get a sense for how – beyond detoxification – I help you discover your own formula for vibrant health:

  1. We start with a series of self-assessments. Through 7 questionnaires included in the program, you get incredible perspective on what’s going on. You start to realize how your body is speaking to you.
  2. Then we personalize your supplements. With the results of your self-assessments, you then use my supplements guide in order to customize your program to your unique needs. Right off the bat, this program is not a cookie-cutter program. This is not your detox-in-a-box type thing!
  3. Next, I help you get ready by giving you a shopping list, food ideas and The Basics for your program.
  4. Then I give you the steps to eliminate things gradually during the first 2 weeks. I teach you about the most congesting foods to eliminate in Week 1. Then in Week 2 we eliminate a few other staple foods that usually cause issues. The result is that your detox gets going at a steady, deliberate pace that is also gentle.
  5. On week 3 I help you create THE perfect detox plan for you. I give you the guidelines and different alternatives to create the perfect cleanse for you and how to tailor it to the season (spring/summer, or fall/winter).  This way you can do an effective detox no matter what you feel inclined to do or feel that your body is asking for; whether you want to do lots of juices or eat solid foods the whole time.
  6. In week 4, I teach you how to reintegrate foods the right way and not lose a lot of the benefit of the program. It is in the deliberate reintegration of foods that you begin to discover how your body responds to different things. You begin to discover what is your own unique formula for health, and you’ll never be the same again. You’ll be the expert in YOU!
  7. Finally, I help you discover what is your unique blueprint for your health. When you come out of the cleanse you have a unique opportunity to create a lifestyle and eating habits that you love and that help you heal and thrive. I help you learn how to find what type of “diet” your body uniquely needs. Low carb? Low meat/fat? Gluten? Grains? I help you know how to find out for yourself.
  8. Throughout the program I support you with guided meditations, recipes, a journal with writing prompts, yoga poses for detoxification and a powerful tool to help you overcome subconscious blocks, sabotage and challenges.
  9. I am available to answer your questions ANY time!

Winning the raceWith this program you will NOT ONLY detoxify your body from accumulated toxins, but you will also begin to discover your own personal formula for health, energy, vitality and thriving!

Test Cindy 1png

My program is a gentle, gradual process of cleansing, healing and discovery!

So you see, this is no detox in a box. This is no juice-for-10-days-and-then-go-back-to-the-old-habits program. This is a methodical process that is not just a “cleanse” but a platform for helping you reset and start on a new path.

My program helps you “reset” your system and discover what works for you.

Test Kate

This is what functional medicine doctors call an “elimination diet,” PLUS it has the added mindfulness and self-care tools to not only discover what your body needs in order to be healthy, but also create the health practices that will help you thrive.

I know… I know…

Nobody wants to do a cleanse!

That’s right, nobody wants to do a cleanse.

But everybody wants the possibility for radical transformation that can be initiated with this cleanse.

Notice how I said initiated

This detox program will not fix all of your health issues overnight, but it will get you started in a powerful way.

And big improvements DO happen…

Test Joanne

Test Erin

Ready to dive in?

After completing payment, you will be redirected to a page where you’ll sign up to receive the materials.
Don’t close your browser window until you’ve registered.

Scared 2

I know some of you may still have misgivings about “cleansing”…

After all, many people talk about colonics and “bathroom emergencies.” None of that will happen with this program.

I know you may be afraid that…

Fears v2


So let me tell you a few things to address those fears and reassure you.


Heart food 2This program is based on foods you can find in your store.

You won’t have to buy a detox kit that costs hundreds of dollars. All of the recommended supplements and personal supplements (from your assessments) can be found at your health food store. AND, if you don’t want to use the supplements, you will still find the program hugely beneficial by doing the food portion alone!

You’ll be eating lots of normal, healthy foods and you’ll discover how to fall in love with vegetables and fats.

My program includes lots of SIMPLE recipes because I don’t like complicated foods

Carrot ginger orange soupAll of the recipes in the program take 15 minutes or less. They’re all easy and they’re all made with ingredients that you know.

I promise you that you will find foods in this program that you already love. Nobody is going to force you to eat seaweed or grubs or anything nasty!

One secret of the program is that I’m going to encourage you to prep food once a week

At first it might take a little extra time to do things a little differently than you’re used to. It’s normal. But my hope is that by prepping food once a week, making meals will be a snap.

ChecklistMy program includes really simple instructions for each week

Each week you’ll have a video/audio of the week’s details where I answer all of the possible questions for that week. And if you still have questions, you can always reach me. It’s my commitment to everyone who does this program.

My program moves gently from week to week so you don’t feel sick

Instead of going from zero to 100, like most detox kits and books, my program eases you into the cleanse. You don’t have to change anything before you start. In Week 1, we start eliminating non foods. In Week 2, we move towards a whole food diet. In Week 3, we focus on the deepest aspect of the cleanse. And in Week 4, we begin to move towards reintegration.

DiarrheaMy program does not use laxatives that send you running to the bathroom or cause “accidents”

The program is 90% food and 10% supplements. The supplement I recommend for bowel cleansing is very gentle and does not cause loose stools. So you won’t be running to the bathroom. If anything, this cleanse will make your bowel movements better than ever!

In the book you’ll even have a “Poop Chart” so you can learn what the shape and consistency of your bowel movements is telling you and how you can improve that. You’ll fall in love with your bowel movements! Ha ha!

I designed this program so that you feel neither sick nor hungry and instead you feel better and better each day

Happy sunAgain, this program is gradual and gentle. It’s based on giving you the most nutritious foods. Exactly what your body has been asking for. You will not be fasting. You’ll be feeling nourished and well fed. Zero starving. Starving is not healing.

However, sometimes people do have some withdrawal symptoms when they get off caffeine and sugar, because these are more like drugs than food. But even when it comes to caffeine and sugar, I give you lots of tricks to minimize the withdrawal and any potential symptoms.

I also give you tips and recommendations for what to do if you don’t feel well for any reason.

Test Tricia

How it works

Maybe at this point you’re wondering about the logistics. Here they are…

  • When you purchase the program, you’ll be directed to a private page where you will have access to all of the tools.
  • Once inside the password-protected page you’ll find me welcoming you with a little video and giving you a short orientation as to how it all works and how to get started.
  • You will then be guided through a “Getting Ready” section, where you’ll do the assessments, write your goals, review the recipes, supplements and print the shopping list.
  • Then each week, from Week 1 through Week 4, I will guide you through the instructions and details for that week. We’ll review what foods you’re eliminating that week, what to eat, how to work through any challenges, tips for making it fun and easy, etc.
  • Every week, I also give you 1-2 guided meditations to help you recruit the power of your subconscious mind, as well as give you a whole set of tools to help you have an extraordinary experience: a yoga guide for detoxification, recipes for detoxifying baths, journaling prompts to help you gain insights into how your body is changing daily, a guide to do skin brushing for lymphatic drainage, recorded EFT guides to help you remove blocks and deal with any physical discomfort, recipes, menus, etc.

So it’s very easy! All you have to do is sign up and pick the date when you’ll get started. I’ll guide you along the way.
Ready to sign up? You can do so right here:

After completing payment, you will be redirected to a page where you’ll sign up to receive the materials.
Don’t close your browser window until you’ve registered.

Test Lee

So let’s recap what’s in this program…

The benefits for you:

Value table 1 v3

The tools that will help you:

Value table 2 v3

Price slashed

Total value:

The benefit of being on a solid, personal path to wellbeing is invaluable.

The dollar value of everything I’ve put in the program is roughly $775…  BUT…

The price of this powerful program that I promise will transform your life is only $197

You’ll then have your program to start whenever you’re ready.


You will also get a 1-hour tele class recording of The Toxins in Your World. How to remove them one step at a time.

Here’s where you can sign up:

After completing payment, you will be redirected to a page where you’ll sign up to receive the materials.
Don’t close your browser window until you’ve registered.

Test Jenelle

Money back guarantee

My 100% money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program within 30 days of purchasing it, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Actually, I will ask you a few questions. If you call me and ask for your money back I will be interested in knowing why it didn’t work for you.

If you ask for your money, I will give it to you. I have no desire to keep your money if you feel you got no benefit. BUT my money-back guarantee will be based on the honor system:

  • If you truly put all of your heart and effort into it, and you followed the program…
  • If you did at least 3 weeks of the program, used the journal, recipes, and the self-care tools…
  • If you completed the assessments…
  • If you feel that you followed the program by at least 80%

And you feel that this program did not teach you more about your body, your health and what you uniquely need to feel better, then I will gladly give you your money back.

But I will want to have a conversation with you to understand where the program might have failed you.

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