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Natural Weight, Cholesterol & Diabetes Programs

Does this sound familiar?

  • sad-smiley-face-6Your doctor says you have high (or borderline) cholesterol and you will need to consider taking a stain
  • Or maybe you’re already taking one
  • You’re gaining weight around your middle and it’s increasingly hard to lose
  • You have to eat something every couple of hours or you crash (get a headache, get cranky or shaky)
  • Maybe you already have Type II Diabetes
  • Perhaps some (or all) of these issues run in your family and you don’t want to join them
  • Maybe you think there’s just nothing you can do…

There is A LOT you can do. Trust me.  High cholesterol, diabetes and weight issues run in my family. Both my parents struggled with cholesterol and now they’re doing great… without drugs.

If of the above is true for you, you’re not alone. Thousands of people have been involuntarily joining in the silent epidemic of metabolic issues (diabetes and weight gain) and inflammation issues (high cholesterol, arthritis, digestive issues, etc.)  And all of it is reversible!

Are you ready to finally stop dieting and start getting your body working like it’s supposed to? Naturally?

Then this program is for you.

Lose weight, manage your cholesterol and blood sugar & reduce your silent inflammation

Whether it’s your weight, your cholesterol, your blood sugar or your joint pain… you’re probably feeling like you’ve tried it all and you’re stuck. If so, this is the program you want to check out.

This is NOT another diet.

DispleasedYou may have been told this is a natural part of getting older.  Or perhaps that because it “runs in your family” it’s somewhat inevitable that you would get it. You’ve probably also been told to eat less fat; “eat less and exercise more”; cut back on salt; count your calories, etc…

But I want to tell you that none of this is true. Given half a chance your body will heal itself naturally, and this program is about giving your body that chance. It’s completely different than anything you’ve likely heard about before. This is about giving your body what it needs in order to turn on your genes that lower inflammation and promote healing; it also gets your metabolic hormones (primarily insulin, leptin and glucagon) working right again and it puts you on a trajectory to know what you need to do to keep yourself healthy for the rest of your life.

This is what someone who did this program wrote to me a few weeks after later:

“I just wanted to give you a quick update regarding my blood work: Total cholesterol went from 262 down to 199; HDL went from 45 to 49; and LDL went from 196 to 140. My blood pressure is lower. I went from 185 lbs to 161. I’m now feeling like I’m starting to gain some weight again, which is a good thing for me. So there is no doubt that this program works. Thank you for helping me in several ways!”         ~ David, 52

If this is the kind of result you want and you know you’re ready to sign up, check out the Calendar for the next program.

Your “healthy diet” is probably not as healthy as you think!

I’m sure you’ve tried many different diets:  low fat, calorie counting, low carb, the cabbage soup diet, etc. But you’re still not where you need to be and usually none of these diets helps you maintain any results you get.

Mainstream advice has been sending you in the wrong direction too. Most people only talk about counting calories and eating less fat.

0 pleasureThe obsession with counting calories and reducing fat has led people to be constantly hungry, suffering from wicked cravings, feeling obsessed with food (because it’s all they can think about) and in general not any healthier! Have you stopped to think that the diabetes and obesity epidemics really began exploding when fat-free and light foods craze began in the late 70s and 80s? If fat-free, sugar-free and diet foods really worked, the people who ate that way would be super healthy!

Counting calories and grams of fat is not a recipe for health. You need fat in order to be healthy, but not just any fat!

Food is not just calories, food is about nutrients. Food is not just fuel, food is the chemistry from which ALL of the cells in your body are made. You can put zero calorie junk in your mouth and it will turn into the junk raw material that will become unhealthy cells.

CheckYou need to give your body the right nutrients for health, weight loss and longevity. You need fat and you need all sorts of other nutrients in order to manage your metabolism, burn fat, lower your cholesterol, reduce your inflammation, etc.

And it works! And it’s delicious! And cravings disappear!

This is what one past client emailed me a few weeks ago:

“MORELLA!!  WE DID IT!!! I just called my doctor’s office and got my blood test results!  My HDL went up a point to 46 and my LDL went down 19 points to 139!  So no more conversation about Statin drugs! Thank-you! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!!  (Yes, you may quote me!)”  ~ June

So what does work…

What works is learning how your body works and what it uniquely needs. This is not rocket science and it’s not based on gimmicky approaches to health. This is about returning to basics and returning to the nature of how our body naturally regulates weight, blood sugar and manages inflammation.

These are the steps that we follow in this program:

#1 Helping you understand your unique metabolic type

No more dietsThere is no single diet that is right for everyone. You need to figure out what is right for YOU!  You could figure it out by paying close attention, but without guidance you may not know what you’re looking for. We give you a questionnaire and several other tools that help you realize that what foods your body thrives with and which ones are not helpful, no matter how “healthy” they seem.

The fun and wonderful part is that you’ll discover that the foods that make you feel the BEST are the ones that your body naturally gravitates towards when you’re in health and balance! The wisdom of your body is enormous and you will naturally be drawn to those foods. It’s the end of dieting!

Some people will be great vegetarians… other people need a heck of a lot of meat and fat!!  Which one are you?

The challenge to discover this lies in the fact that so many of our foods have been highly processed, denatured and refined and our body cannot decode them easily. The result is cravings, hunger and inflammation. My process and tools will help you figure all of this out.

#2 Learning what are the universal foods for healing, weight loss and lowering inflammation

Heart food 2There are certain foods that pretty much everybody needs to eat more of.  Usually they are colorful and rich in nutrients.  There are also fats and different types of protein that you absolutely need in order to be healthy. You simply cannot thrive if you eat no fat, period.  But it has to be the right fat… and I’m not talking vegetable oil.

The fun and wonderful part about this is that we help you focus on what you’re going to be eating MORE of, instead of focusing on dieting and restrictions! You’re going to add more fats that are delicious and healing, you’re going to add more colorful, flavorful foods. You’re going to add more superfoods in delicious ways. You’re going to learn about how your body is perfectly wired with the foods that help you thrive.

#3 Incorporating the kind of physical activity that lowers inflammation & promotes longevity

Hula hoopForget exercising 2 hours a day 6 days a week! You don’t even have to get an hour of cardio 3 times per week! All you need to do is learn to exercise in a more natural way, like our ancestors did.  This is about higher intensity activity for very short periods of time which gtets your metabolism working in the natural way it was programmed to do, NOT by eating constantly throughout the day (which by the way, messes up your hormones and sets you up for quickly gaining weight once you get even a little bit lax in your routine.)

The exciting part about this is that learning how to add this kind of activity to your life will increase your fitness, lower your inflammation, help you manage your weight more effectively than anything else and have you feeling younger.

#4 Adding the right fats into your diet and the right sugars

fats and oilsWeight issues, high cholesterol and diabetes have all been complicated by truly imperfect nutrition advice. There are essential fats, which you’re likely not getting enough of (like Omega-3s) and complex carbohydrates that you’re likely getting too much of. This sets your metabolic hormones (insulin, leptin, grhelin and glucagon) on their heads and makes things difficult to manage.

The great part about this is that you’ll be more satisfied, less hungry and will notice that cravings essentially go away when you eat plenty of the right foods for your metabolic type. Struggles and willpower be gone!

#5 Learning how your thoughts, your emotions, your habits and your sense of fun play a role in your health

FunYour mental patterns, your habits and your emotions affect your health more than you likely realize. When you eat for any reason other than being hungry (i.e. for comfort; for distraction; because you’re stressed, or whatever); when you avoid exercising; when you approach health as if you were doing battle with yourself… all of these unconscious habits strengthen the patterns that keep you stuck. Taking a step back and looking behind the curtain of your patterns empowers you to create new habits and new positive patterns.

The fun part about this is that we believe that if it’s not fun and not tasty it’s not worth doing! So we’ll support you in making this  fun and exciting the whole way through, so you want to continue doing it.

Of course, there’s much more that we cover in the program, but those are some of the basic steps to give you an idea.

Here’s what Deb had to say about this program:

“I was a smoker, my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, and I would think ‘this is too much and it’s such a big undertaking that I would start and then just quit. When my doctor said I needed to go on medication, I said to him, ‘give me three months’”.
“I went back to my doctor and he congratulated me. I no longer need diabetes or cholesterol meds. I’ve lost 14 lbs and am still going. On a scale of 1-10, I was at a 5, and now I’m at an 8 in terms of wellbeing.  For me it’s a day and night difference and people comment on it.  ‘Wow! You look different!’  This has changed my life.”
“I would say to people considering your program: ‘If you truly want to experience something that will make a change in practically all areas of your life, try it. You have nothing to lose. It doesn’t take a lot of time.  The results were almost automatic.’”   ~ Deb,

Are you ready to achieve this kind of life change?  

This program is absolutely life-changing. As Deb described, it will make a dramatic difference in pretty much every area of your life. And if you’re ready to get on board, then join us for the next program.  Find the date on the Calendar or email us to find out.

You’ll learn to manage your weight, prevent (and yes, even help you improve) diabetes and high cholesterol AND most importantly, you’ll discover the natural lifestyle that FEELS good, TASTES good and SATISFIES you so you learn the keys to master your health for life!

Do you need to know the details of how the program works?

Road aheadThese are the tools and roadmap:

  • Personalized consultation:  We start out with a health questionnaire where you get to tell me about your diet and your health history; it also includes questions that help me assess different aspects of your health. From that questionnaire, I help you tailor the program to your unique needs and support you based on your unique profile.
  • 8 group sessions:  We will meet as a group via conference call eight times.  Each call will last 1 hour.  During these calls you’ll learn the core of the principles I’ve described above, you’ll get very concrete tools, recipes and exercises; and at the end of the call you’ll have 3-4 specific steps to implement that week.  The goal is to make it super doable and not have to figure it out on your own.  Session dates:  You will receive all session dates when you sign up.  All calls are typically on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm EST.  All calls are recorded and emailed the same day so if you miss one, you can listen to the recording at your convenience and not miss a beat.
  • +2 one-week breaks = 10 weeks total:  We will meet three weeks in a row for the first three sessions. Then we’ll take 1-week off. Then we’ll meet again for three weeks and take another week off. Then we’ll meet two weeks in a row for the final two sessions. This is on purpose so that you have a couple of weeks to incorporate everything you’ve learned so far and build from there.  It also means that even though it’s eight sessions, the program spans almost 3 months and throughout the whole time you will have my constant support via email.
  • Personal Handbook: each week you will receive handouts, recipes and exercises for the week which will build your Healthy For Life handbook.
  • Support and accountability:  The group acts as a support system to give you ideas and hold you accountable to implement the changes you say you will make.  This will keep you moving forward for the program duration, so that 8 weeks later you’ll be well on your way to maintaining the changes you made.  It takes 21 days to create a new habit so you’ll walk away with some wonderful new habits in a new lifestyle for life!
  • 24/7 support:  For the duration of the program you can contact me via email any time to get your questions answered and to help you overcome any challenges you may encounter.

Does this sound right for you?

If this sounds like the right plan for you, whether because you want to get off medication, you want to lose weight, or perhaps simply because you have a loved one at home who you want to help, then I’d be delighted to support you.

Here’s what you need to do: go to the Calendar page and find the next program and sign up right there.  Or you can also email us to find out when we’re starting the next one and to share any questions you may have.

Through the program you’ll…

  • peace of mindClear up all of the confusion around cholesterol and blood sugar– what’s true and what isn’t true
  • Get on a plan that allows you to easily manage your weight, cholesterol and blood sugar naturally for life through eating delicious food and incorporating essential supplements (that nearly everyone needs to take on a daily basis)
  • Learn how to get off statin drugs* and diabetes drugs* or avoid starting them altogether
  • Discover the “healthy” things you are doing that are not so healthy
  • Debunk the myths about fat
  • Learn the simple nutrition basics that turn on the genes (literally) that activate healing and lower inflammation, so you lower your risks for cardiovascular disease
  • Discover how to make sense of your cholesterol numbers and have better conversations with your doctors
  • Gain peace of mind from not having to figure it all out on your own
  • Enjoy delicious food!!  Yes! Including fat, eggs, and meat if you choose to!

“I am so delighted with what I’ve learned and how I feel that I have decided to become a health coach myself with Integrative Nutrition.  So many other people can be healthier when they learn what I have learned.” – Wendy, 60, Windham, VT

Ready to get started?

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Program Cost

Each time we facilitate this program we have different incentives, early bird price and referral gifts, so check the calendar to see what we’re offering now.

Have questions or want to watch some introductory videos?

If you have any question about the program, what you can expect, the format, etc. please feel free to contact us.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and answer any question you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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* If you are currently taking statin drugs and you want to get off them, you need to consult with your medical doctor to create a plan for that. We’ll help you with the nutrition portion.